Opening Plenary Speaker

Marietta Rodriguez | President and Chief Executive Officer
NeighborWorks America: Working Together for Strong Communities


Diversity in Homeownership

Session Description: The stagnant and declining minority homeownership numbers are clear, and experts have varying views regarding why this situation is occurring. Featured panelists (mortgage lenders, realtors) will discuss why it’s important to reverse this downward trend, share successful initiatives serving minority populations and outline an ambitious agenda on ways to increase minority homeownership throughout the State of Tennessee.


PHA Repositioning

Session Description: HUD changed the public housing landscape through RAD (Rental Assistance Demonstration) programs.  Now public housing agencies are adjusting their short and long term redevelopment plans – focusing on how to best serve low-income residents under different HUD oversight and funding.  Join us for a discussion about what financing tools, capital markets and public/private partnerships are necessary to help Public Housing Authorities better reposition themselves for the future.


Going Green to Save Green – Residential Energy Efficiency Programs, Resources and Education

Session Description: Learn how TVA, THDA and community partners are helping low-income families save big on energy costs. Become informed on what programs are available across the state and hear about the dramatic impacts. Look ahead to future programs and see how you can better become involved.


Get Ready for GC97 – Freddie Mac HFA Advantage

Session Description: Join Freddie Mac and THDA as they launch the newest lending initiative in the suite of Great Choice products. Receive valuable information for a new affordable conventional mortgage loan product to serve low to moderate income Tennesseans.


Home is Where the Heartland Is: Overcoming the Challenges of Developing Affordable Housing in Rural Areas

Session Description: According to the American Community Survey, nearly a quarter of the nation’s most rural counties have seen a “sizable increase” in the percentage of residents spending more than half their income on housing, a scenario the federal government calls “severely cost-burdened.”  Rural communities face unique challenges when dealing with the affordable housing crisis, which often including higher construction costs, resource availability and at times even cultural objections to development of multi-family projects in areas where single family homes dominate. This panel of subject matter experts will explore the critical intersection of economic development and the need for innovative affordable housing strategies in some of our most rural communities.


Restoration and Rejuvenation of Four Walls

Session Description: Come and learn how to administer our innovative repair programs. Staff from Community Programs and Single Family Special Programs will describe how to effectively use the TN Repair Loan Program and HOME. Nonprofits, CHDO’s and other housing assistance providers can learn how to preserve and maintain the homes of Tennesseans across the state.


Multifamily Hot Topics

Session Description: Industry professionals offer solutions to current Housing Credit challenges, including development siting issues, construction material and labor challenges, increased demand for resources, and Year 15 strategies.


CITC in Tennessee – How to Make CITC Work for You

Session Description:  The Community Investment Tax Credit Program provides a tax credit to financial institutions for making low interest rate loans to eligible housing entities for engaging in eligible affordable housing activities.   Learn how financial institutions and eligible housing entities have successfully utilized the Community Investment Tax Credit Program to create and preserve affordable rental and homeownership housing opportunities for Tennesseans all across the state.


Financial Empowerment in Rural Tennessee

Session Description: Lifting families out of poverty, whether urban or rural, is a monumental challenge often confronted by those in the housing realm. Join Rural LISC, along with in-state partners from Clinch-Powell and Kingsport Housing, as they discuss the difficulties and solutions towards financial empowerment across rural Tennessee.


HBEI Seminar – March 11 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Being Green, Seeing Green: Counseling Clients to Maximize Energy Savings (HO290)

JoAnn DePenning, Instructor

Session Description: Counselors, play a key role in training your clients to maximize savings, lower expenses and live in a safe, healthy home. Being “green” is not only a trend — it’s one way consumers can better manage their finances and maintain secure homeownership.

In this course you will learn:

  • How a $25 investment in energy-savings related items can save your clients hundreds each year
  • Resources and contact information for state and local weatherization programs and how to advise clients to choose a “certified” energy auditor
  • Tip sheets for spotting household energy “hogs” and moisture and mold problems, and how to identify a remedy
  • Financing options such as the FHA Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM), as well as state and other financing programs that may be available to help pay for improvements at the time of purchase or refinance
  • “Energy Star” appliances — what they are and whether they qualify for the $1500 tax incentive