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2017 Presentations:

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Wednesday, September 20

Meet THOMAS: THDA’s New Tax Credit & Bond Application System

THOMAS arrives in 2018. Are you ready? THDA’s Multifamily division will walk you through their new online application system for LIHTC and tax-exempt bond authority.
Mark Cantu, Multifamily Compliance Coordinator, THDA
Donna Duarte, Director of Multifamily Programs, THDA
Felita Hamilton, Multifamily Programs Allocation Manager, THDA

Federal Crackdown on Accessibility Failures

The U.S. Department of Justice is dropping the hammer on the City of Los Angeles in a Fair Housing lawsuit that could be a game-changer nationwide. At issue: failure to monitor and enforce the federal rules about accessibility and disabilities. Are you at risk?
Mark English, President, The E&A Team Inc.
Scott Moore, Attorney, BairdHolm

Launching the National Housing Trust Fund

If you need funding to rehabilitate rental housing for Tennesseans earning 30% of the area median income and you’re ready to commit to maintaining affordability for a full 30 years, here’s how you can apply for a share of THDA’s first $3 million from the National Housing Trust Fund.
Speaker: Don Watt, Director of Community Programs, THDA

Introducing Great Choice to Your Clients

Meet the top producers in THDA’s network of Great Choice lenders and REALTORS®, and find out how they use THDA’s down payment assistance program to reach new clients and close more deals. THDA’s Customer Account Manager team will also present co-branding opportunities.
Connie Brewington, Direct Endorsement Underwriter, Platinum Financial Funding
Kendra Love, West Tennessee HUD Housing Counselor, THDA
Darrell Robertson, Mortgage Industry Advisor, THDA
Joe Womac, AVP and Mortgage Loan Originator, Southern Heritage Bank

The American Housing Market Recovery’s Successes and Failures

Nearly 10 years later, America is still hurting from the Great Recession, with housing supply and affordability continuing to be major issues and economic segregation on the rise in neighborhoods across the nation. Chris Herbert, the head of Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies, explains why—and where we go from here.
Keynote Speaker: Chris Herbert, Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies

Creative Placemaking

It’s not a one-size-fits-all world! Find out how you can build niche housing for specific groups of low-income renters like artists, or embrace alternative housing options like tiny homes or offer unique living situations like co-housing. We’ll cover everything from codes to funding to finding renters.
Dwayne Hicks, Senior Coordinator for Housing Construction, THDA
Alan O’Hashi, Board Member, National Cohousing Association
Heidi Zimmer, Senior Vice President of Property Development, Artspace

Tackling Healthcare Costs through Improved Housing

Rising healthcare costs are a nightmare for families and governments. But what’s that have to do with housing? Many recurring health problems like asthma are closely related to mold and other issues inside our homes. Smarter, healthier housing can make a big difference. The Green & Healthy Homes Initiative, Le Bonheur Hospital in Memphis, and Habitat for Humanity share how they’re cutting sick days, hospital visits, and healthcare costs for Tennessee’s children.
Cathy Marcinko, Grant Development Coordinator, Le Bonheur Community Health & Well-Being
Ruth Ann Norton, President & CEO, Green & Healthy Homes Initiative
Julia Romine, Director of Programs & Strategic Alliances, Habitat for Humanity of Memphis

Responding to Homelessness

Join the review of creative development models using existing resources to produce housing opportunities for the homeless among us.
Leonard Adams, President & CEO, Quest Community Development Organization, Inc.
Dave Arning, Vice President of Development, LHP Capital, LLC
Mike Dunthorn, Program Coordinator, City of Knoxville’s Office on Homelessness

Creative Options for Tennessee’s Hardest to House

Explore some of Tennessee’s most inspiring success stories in creating unique housing options for young adults, including youth aging out of foster care and individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Jaco Hamman, Director of the Program in Theology and Practice, Vanderbilt University
Richard McClain, Executive Director, Johnson City Housing Authority
Lisa Stetar, Founding Director, Crossroads Campus

Housing Options for Aging in Tennessee

Tennessee is one of the few states actively recruiting retirees to move here for their golden years. Retire Tennessee explains why and which communities are most eager to welcome them. Plus, the AARP shows us what an “Ageless House” is and why it selected Memphis for the first ever to be built. And Tennessee Commission on Aging & Disability Executive Director Jim Schulman explores the most immediate housing needs facing our state’s seniors.
Julie Romine, Director of Programs and Strategic Alliances, Habitat for Humanity of Memphis
Jim Shulman, Executive Director, Tennessee Commission on Aging and Disability
Kraig Smith, State President, AARP Tennessee
Ramay Winchester, Director, Retire Tennessee

Sharing Your Message through Social Media and News Coverage

How do you connect with your community in a meaningful way through social media? THDA’s Communication team shares its most effective strategies. Plus, we’ll discuss how to build real-life relationships with reporters and editors at your favorite local media outlets so you can get the most—and best—coverage.
Wes Bunch, Communications Coordinator, THDA
Rick Lewis, Communications Coordinator, THDA

Speak Up: THDA’s Multifamily Advisory Board

Don’t miss your chance to tell us the development and operational challenges affecting your housing credit properties in Tennessee. THDA’s Multifamily Programs Division is re-engaging our Multifamily Developers and Owners Advisory Board. We are looking for developers and owners who are willing to serve on the Advisory Board for a two-year term. We need engaged Advisory Board members who can provide us real time information around current equity pricing, the availability of competitive financing tools, construction costs, obtaining PILOTs, utility allowance options, marketing challenges in low FMR and anything else surrounding the development and on-going operations of low-income housing credit properties. Join us to increase the efficiency of the program for the benefit our of citizens.
Mark Cantu, Multifamily Compliance Coordinator, THDA
Donna Duarte, Director of Multifamily Programs, THDA
Felita Hamilton, Multifamily Programs Allocation Manager, THDA

Thursday, September 21

Gap Financing

Because LITHC and tax-exempt bonds can’t get you 100% of the financing you need to get from groundbreaking to ribbon-cutting, the Federal Home Loan Bank, Pathway Lending, and THDA discuss what specialty finance products are out there to help you fill the gap.
Hank Helton, Senior Vice President of Business Lending, Pathway Lending
Mary L. Hernandez, AHP Manager, Federal Home Loan Bank of Cincinnati
Douglas Scarboro, Senior Vice President, St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank Memphis Branch
Toni Shaw, Housing Program Manager, THDA

Blight Reduction

We will explore the pros and cons of various approaches to eliminating blight from residential neighborhoods, and explain how the Blight Elimination Program fuels the efforts of nonprofits and land banks in Tennessee.
Sheila Jordan Cunningham, Executive Director, Blight Authority of Memphis, Inc.,
Robert Linn, Deputy Director of Inventory, Detroit Land Bank Authority
Cynthia Peraza, Director of Single Family Special Programs, THDA
Matt Widner, Housing Specialist, City of Oak Ridge

A Holistic Approach to Affordable Housing

Can housing encompass more than roofs and walls, stability and storage? Can it promote a healthy lifestyle? How can we involve health care companies? Join us for the discussion.
Melanie Lamb, Director of Member Advocacy, UnitedHealthcare Community Plan for TN
Kate Peterson, National Director of Marketing & Communications, Mercy Housing, Inc.
Kate Peterson, National Director of Marketing & Communications, Mercy Housing, Inc.
Lynn Sanders, Statewide Housing Strategy Manager, United Healthcare Community Plan
Janet Viveiros, Acting Director of the Research Division, National Housing Conference